Original song
Music by Rosie Trentham, lyrics by Pippy Trentham
Vocals and piano Rosie Trentham


The road always rises to meet you
The wind is always at your back
When you fall out of love
You will land on your feet
With all of your nine lives intact.
The sun shines soft upon your face
And the rain falls soft upon your field
And the love that you sold her
Now turns the cold shoulder
And weeps as you turn on your heel.

You are there and gone in a moment
You will always leave the door open
You’ll take her heart from her sleeve
As you turn to leave
Saying “don’t think you own me
Cause of the love that you’ve shown me
I’m a rolling stone and
I’m back in the field”

As the sun makes lines on your face
The rain will fall less in your field
And the feet that you fall on
With each girl you call on
(Will) grow slower and turn into seed.
The road lies steep before you
and the wind blows seed upon the path
And the hills all around
Will loudly resound
With the girl who has had the last laugh.

She was there and gone in a moment
You would always leave the door open
She took your heart from your sleeve
As she turned to leave
Saying, “don’t think you own me,
Cause of love that you’ve shown me”.
Cos I am looking
for a love that is real”

Not a care in the land of plenty
With our burning hearts by our side
Unaware that our hearts may be empty
When we come to the end of our ride.

Now the sun doesn’t shine on your face
And your fields are lonely and wild
For no woman would shoulder
A man who is older
But still has the heart….
Still has the heart of a child.