About Rosie Trentham


Rosie Trentham is a 17 year-old singer songwriter & pianist. She is an accomplished live performer with a unique sound, pure, striking vocals and excellent keyboard skills. Rosie’s influences are diverse, from Joni Mitchell to Stevie Wonder, but her music has an individual, modern twist, containing sharp-witted lyrics and her signature multi-track vocals. 

Rosie started performing at a young age in small music venues and bars, including The Basement Door, a venue for young people in Richmond. In 2018 Rosie was an award-winning finalist in the national competition Open Mic UK and soon after released two EPs "Glass Eye" and "Love and Other Shadows", reaching number 25 in the Itunes singer-songwriter chart.   

Rosie's recent solo performances include Maui Waui Festival (Suffolk), Wizzafest (Midlands), Elmbridge Food Festival, The Half Moon in Putney, Ealing Live, and as a guest act at the Royal Gala concert of the International Youth Arts Festival hosted at The Rose Theatre in Kingston.  Over the past year she has performed at multiple live-streamed events, including Rockin’ the Lock-in and The Purple Lounge. She also recorded a Listening Party with Hot Vox at the Cargo Studios, raising over a thousand pounds for charities.



Rosie’s third EP “All The Time In The World” is to be released on May 21st, with a live performance at The Hub in Hampton.  The EP is heavily influenced by Jazz and Folk and reflects the feelings of young people during the events of the last year. Several of the songs feature cellist Simon Trentham and saxophonist Max Barnard who interweave classical and jazz motives respectively throughout the music. 

During lockdown, with the abundance of time and a lack of inspiration, many young adults felt frustrated, lonely and directionless. Rosie’s title track “All the Time In The World”, written in May 2020 almost romanticises (with an ironic twist), the idea of time being stretched out. Rosie comments “hearing this track now always makes me nostalgic about the first lockdown. Little did I know that there would be a second… or a third.” Contrastingly her classically influenced song “It’ll Change for the Better” written several months later articulates a more horror-filled, bleak landscape, with glimmers of hope in the lyrical cello lines. 

Rosie often writes from a young perspective, either to relate to people her own age or to bring a sense of nostalgia to her older audience. Her tracks “Without You” and “A Few Years Too Early” capture the ‘coming of age’ style in which she writes. 

After many live performances of her songs, Rosie is excited now to be releasing them on all platforms.